Pussy Whipped via Google Glass

In the future you’ll be shopping your spouse’s clothes for her while she’s slouching on a sofa at home?

“OK, I’ll buy both.”
“Hurry up!”
*swipes credit card*

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Job Interview with Google Glass (parody)

The French nail down the seedy uses for Google Glass in this funny video (click subtitles on for English translation):

This one absolutely deserves 5 out of 5 NotOk symbols:
ø ø ø ø

Who knows; there might have already been real job interviews where the applicants are being ridiculed in real time.

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Broken Google Glass

When you have the latest tech toy, naturally all your friends want to try it. Be careful though, or this might happen:smashedGlass

Luckily Google was nice enough to send another frame to fix the broken Glass.


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Cap that Glass!

Todd Blatt is running an interesting Kickstarter campaign called GlassKap:

GlassKap is a plastic, perfectly formed lens cover for Google Glass. GlassKap provides a visual cue to your friends and those around you that you are neither recording them nor snapping pictures with the blink of an eye.

The campaign offers a bunch of 3D printed accessories for Google Glass, but this cool T-shirt is what really caught my attention:



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Boost Your Dating with Augmented Reality!

What’s the ultimate selling point for augmented reality eyewear? Having power over other people! Specifically, get the upper hand when forming romantic relationships, as demonstrated by two videos that I found through Brian Wassom’s blog.

First up is a fictional short film about an software developer with AR contact lenses. The film starts up with a cute gamification of slicing veggies and ramps it up quickly by moving into gamification of dating using a handy “Wingman” app:

The protagonist ends up into his apartment with his date, but things don’t go as planned and the film finishes with a dystopian cliffhanger.

While the above video was fiction and intentionally brings AR related issues to public attention, the second video is a serious concept video about the possibilities of AR. And what’s more, it’s created by an actual AR company called Infinity AR. The video stars a slick Ferrari-owner who uses his AR glasses to hustle a bunch of dudes in a game of pool (because clearly he needs the money to keep up his lifestyle):

Everyone should be stoked about this concept video, because apparently in the future AR glasses enable us to Facebook stalk people while we are talking to them, and get this, to understand women: In the video the glasses recognizes and displays the feelings of a hot bartender who is targeted by the main character.

If anything, these videos illustrate how augmented reality could one day enable new ways of being a total douche. Augmented douchebaggery?

I’ll give these videos 4 out of 5 NotOk symbols:
ø ø ø ø

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How to say welcome in Finnish

welcome in Finnish


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Welcome to NOT ok glass -website!

Google Glass and other augmented reality wearables are seriously cool gadgets. They also act as inconspicuous video and audio recorders. Spy cameras, if you will. This raises many questions regarding privacy and appropriateness.

Things are bound to get messy and interesting: A whole new generation of “World’s craziest home videos”, embarrassing disclosures, surge in amateur video footage, law suits, and even more YouTube chaff. And that’s where NOTokglass-website is rooted in; What’s ok when using these devices, what’s not, and what makes you a total glasshole?

Please submit us your own inappropriate and mischievous augmented reality experiences, and lets draw lines on the sand.

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