OK Glass, impress teenage girls

Awe-inspiring levels of creepiness is brought to you by Robert Scoble, the “Overpaid manbaby technologist” who wore Google Glass for a whole year everywhere (bathrooms, showers, you name it). He chatted up a bunch of high school girls, took their picture, recorded the conversation, and hurled it all online for us to consume:

Granted, he probably asked their permission, at least for taking the picture. Maybe. Perhaps.

So what do we learn? Wearable technology is a great excuse to chat up teenager girls, shine in their unwarranted praise while recording their pictures and voices. That deserves a HELL YEAH from a choir of creepy middle aged men:RobertScoble

In related news, Scoble is giving up on Google Glass. Heck, even Larry Page stopped using it. Google Glass might not gather a major consumer base, but augmented reality glasses, other wearable displays, and all the creepiness that ensues from them will definitely be part of our future.

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