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Commendable Use for Google Glass

The title from this KQED News article from says it straight: Google Glass Flopped. But Kids With Autism Are Using It to Learn Emotions This is one of the more praiseworthy uses of Google Glass. Makes me want to say “OK … Continue reading

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Not dead yet

The glass is back! Google is pushing out a new version of Glass, aimed at enterprise markets. The components are newer, but the device itself remains fundamentally the same. Want to see a better augmented reality device? Try Microsoft Hololens. … Continue reading

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Now Glassholes Can Recognize Emotions of Others

Too busy playing Angry Birds with your face? Can’t be bothered to interpret the emotions of others around you? Fear not, Google Glass can do it for you! Fraunhofer research institute has released a video of a Google Glass application … Continue reading

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Boost Your Dating with Augmented Reality!

What’s the ultimate selling point for augmented reality eyewear? Having power over other people! Specifically, get the upper hand when forming romantic relationships, as demonstrated by two videos that I found through Brian Wassom’s blog. First up is a fictional … Continue reading

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